DNE Hood stand S2L2
DNE Hood stand S2L2
DNE Hood stand S2L2
DNE Hood stand S2L2
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DNE Hood stand S2L2

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A collapsible, multifunctional, aluminum stand is designed to repair removable parts of a car - hood, doors, trunk lid, etc. The stand consists of a support-sliding part, two retractable adjustable S-shaped supports and two long retractable L-shaped supports.

The main bearing parts of the stand are made of durable aluminum profile tube 30x30 mm. Retractable adjustable supports are made of polished stainless steel d = 20 mm. Also sliding guides of the stand along the “X” axis are made of stainless steel profile pipe. The stand rests on four hardware rollers d=75 mm. with fixation, which makes it mobile. In the center of the stand there is a removable latch for locking the trunk lid. On the S -shaped retractable supports there are half rings for additional fixation of the repaired part and a rubber support tip. All movable parts of the stand are fixed with a ring screw, which provides maximum convenience when fixing the part with ties to the table.


Stand overall dimensions:

Along the "X" axis

- in the assembled state - 850 mm.;

- in the unfolded state - 1370 mm.;

- in the unfolded state, taking into account the S-shaped supports - 1900 mm.

Along the " Y " axis

- in the assembled state - 1020 mm.;

- in the unfolded state - 1450 mm.


Net weight - 12.8 kg.

Packing - cardboard box.


Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester