PDR Finesse PDR Hood Stand
PDR Finesse PDR Hood Stand
PDR Finesse PDR Hood Stand
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PDR Finesse PDR Hood Stand

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Built for strength, stability, and portability, from aluminum and stainless steel. The table stand comes with heavy duty casters (rated for 800 lbs each). This is NOT your regular hood stand because it is actually ALL made from aluminum and stainless steel. Finesse PDR Tools takes pride in building the most versatile and durable tools on the market. The case folded up is 4 in thick x 17.5 in wide x 35 in long. The Hood Stand open is 35 in x 35 in and adjusts up and down to accommodate any height of tech, standing or sitting position, from the tallest to the shortest tech pushing dents. This Hood Stand will accommodate from the smallest Euro deck lid (with a central deck lid latch) to the largest domestic hood. All of the product's pieces will fit inside its case that folds out to make the table top. It also comes with a soft top cushion to protect your arms and elbows while pushing dents. Compact enough to stow easily, to include the techs that fly.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester