Anson PDR is an authorized Reseller for Robaina Direct LLC for the 3650A T-Hotbox electronic dent reduction device in the State of Texas.

The 3650A T-Hotbox is an 110-120 volt (1,000 watts) electronic dent reduction device that’s designed to be used by experienced panel repair automotive professionals on flat or convex shaped steel exterior body panel areas of passenger vehicles (open areas / no braces). The unit will reduce the size and appearance of small soft dents in a paint-less process when used as directed (device must be set to 0.5s or the maximum 1.0s setting and may require the use of the included plastic punch / knock down tool for blending). The 3650A T-Hotbox may also be used for the repair of small "medium sharp dents" in a “push to paint” mode (set to 100% power). This is the most common use for body shops and collision repair centers where refinishing is expected. * The T-Hotbox is a non-returnable product. * For more information, please contact Anson PDR at 817-226-3044


3650 T-Hotbox Electronic Soft Dent Reduction / Removal Presentation on Vimeo.